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Brick and Earth Infratech Private Limited providing efficient Turnkey Home construction services for clients to fulfil the range of your home needs like planning, architecture, consulting, House / Villa construction, interior design, execution & home renovation or remodeling. A transparent & outstanding End-to-End Solution for construction services with 8 years of warranty. We are urged to provide modernised, quality, professional, & transparent service to everyone. Our experts are specialized in turning your dream house into reality. We carefully pick & finalize the best in everything. We are leading as Best in the Market and also recognised for our world-class finishing that made even a simple house look stylish.
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An organization with ISO certification offering END TO END HOME CONSTRUCTION SOLUTIONS

At Brick and Earth Infratech Private Limited, we are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality home construction services available. We understand that building a home is a major investment, and we take pride in delivering exceptional craftsmanship and customer service. At BrickNEarth, we are committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. We take great care to minimize our impact on the environment, from using eco-friendly building materials to implementing energy-efficient design features.
Above all, we believe that our clients are the heart of our business. We strive to exceed their expectations and earn their trust and loyalty through every interaction. We are dedicated to building not just beautiful homes, but long-lasting relationships with our clients.

We are a team of professionals involving many people: Architects, Designers, and Engineers, all working together to meet the needs of the Client.

  • Modern Homes, Luxury Villa & Customized Constructions
  • Architecture Firm & Interior Designing
  • Home Renovation or Remodeling
  • Consulting, Planning and Execution
  • Commercial Constructions

All we work for is our core purpose, which is to construct your dream homes in an enhanced way to add a new endeavor in everyone's life.

Quality Services

Satisfaction of Contract Specifications and Enhancing Client Satisfaction. The attainment of acceptable levels of performance from construction activities.

Guaranteed Construction

Warranty up to 8 years from the date of hand-over.Home construction solutions from planning and designing to completion, specializing in custom designed home.

No Sub-Contraction

Architecture, Structural, Construction, Electrical, Plumbing, Interiors - Complete works with no subcontracting.

On-Time Delivery

Our Team reaches the goals in regard to promised delivery times, and is critical for both measuring carrier performance and maintaining customer satisfaction.

No Hidden Charges

As with Our Services, Our Prices are also Transparent. You will be given the exact cost in advance, there will be certainty and no hidden costs.


Construction consultants possess the engineering and construction experience. Start your consultation with BrickNEarth which is ready to help you right now.


Tailored Construction Packages according to Client Needs

The Technology based, Budget Friendly, ECO Friendly, Transparent Services, Promising, Authentic, ISO Certified Construction, Independent Home/Villa Construction, Architecture Firm and Interior designing service company. We have never compromised on Quality.

We deliver Affordable luxury homes for the people. BrickNEarth results driven & precision oriented.

We are delivering efficient Turnkey Home construction services for clients to fulfill the range of your home needs from Baisc to Modern Luxury Homes and also Commercial.

We are urged to provide modernized, quality, professional, & transparent service to everyone.

Our professionals specialize in transforming your ideal home into a reality based on your unique requirements.

Our Expertise

CUSTOM HOME BUILDING / COMMERCIAL BUILDING: Being top builders of homes, businesses, and Eco-friendly houses, we collaborate with you to create a home that suits your unique requirements and tastes. We will be there at every level, from the preliminary planning to the finishing touches, to make sure that your vision is realized.

LUXURIOUS VILLA CONSTRUCTION: Being the top builders of luxury homes, we focus on comfort and richness in our designs. Professionals with a high level of skill and enthusiasm for their work make up our team. Every member of our team, from our builders and contractors to our architects and designers, is dedicated to providing the best caliber of craftsmanship.

HOME RENOVATION: We are also able to assist you in updating your current residence. Together, we'll decide the best course of action to get the desired functionality and appearance.

INTERIOR DESIGNING: Our interior design services are designed to assist you in creating a room that expresses your own taste and style. Our talented design team will collaborate with you to fully realize your concept, resulting in a beautiful and useful space. From furniture and accessories to color schemes and lighting, we'll work with you to design a room you'll want to spend time in.

ARCHITECTURE FIRM: Our architectural firm is committed to producing cutting-edge, environmentally friendly designs that improve the built environment. We think that excellent design is about making spaces that are efficient, practical, and pleasurable to use—it's about more than just looks. Our team of architects and designers will produce a design that fits your budget and objectives.

KITCHEN AND BATHROOM REMODELING: These rooms are frequently the center of attention in a house, and we can help you make them into lovely, useful areas that you will like being in.

Real-time Project Live Tracking

Monitoring & Controlling Construction Projects

With various stakeholders, moving parts, and dependencies, construction project monitoring can be a daunting task.

Dedicated PM for every project to Organise tasks, milestones, and deadlines. Will Assign tasks and resources efficiently. Share project updates with stakeholders. While general project management can be useful, construction-specific is tailored to address the unique needs of construction projects. Project Management simplify tasks like cost estimation, resource allocation, and scheduling.

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BrickNEarth Residential Packages

For Home/Villa Construction Packages listed as follows

Eco Budget


  • Floor plans + Structural
  • Standard Elevation
  • Vitrified Tiles Flooring
  • Modern Bathroom and Kitchen
  • Main door
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Eco Premium


  • Floor plans + Structural
  • Elegant elevation
  • Granite Flooring
  • Premium Bathroom and Kitchen
  • Premium Teak
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Interior Designing Prices

Our Residential Interior Designing Pricing listed as follows



  • Kitchen - Modular
  • Living Room - TV Unit
  • Dinning - Crockery Unit
  • Bedroom - 2 wardrobes
  • Living Area - False Ceiling
  • Study unit (or) Shoe rack
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  • Kitchen - Modular
  • Living Room - TV Unit
  • Dinning - Crockery Unit
  • Bedroom - 4+ wardrobes
  • Living Area - False Ceiling
  • Study unit and Shoe rack
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BrickNEarth Eco Friendly Packages

Residential Customised Eco Green Home Package

BrickNEarth Architectural & Commercial Packages

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Brick and Earth Infratech Private Limited provides people with a high-end lifestyle at a reasonable cost. Our only goal is to encourage new endeavors in everyone's lives. We are an ISO-Certified Construction Company and provide efficient construction services to meet a range of client needs, including Planning, Consulting for Architecture firms, Independent Houses, Luxury Home/Villa construction, Commerical construction, Interior Design, Home Remodeling or Renovation, and Customized ECO-Friendly Construction Services.

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